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Marc Crawford Leavitt, An Equal Opportunity Offender

The Bubble Decade (2010)

Sung to the Tune of "Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E!"

Published in 1891. Composer: Harold Sayers. Updated Lyrics: Marc Crawford Leavitt


Ta- ra- ra Boom Dee- ade!

It was the worst dec- ade;

For trust a cursed dec- ade.

The bub- ble burst dec- ade.

The wide web’s first dec- ade.

A Bush sub- mersed dec- ade.

Val- ues re- versed dec- ade.

The bub- ble burst dec- ade.


The melody for the verses (if the first notes of "The Star Spangled Banner" are G, E, C) is: GGFGEEE, EEBECCC, CEDCDDD, DFEDGEC.


1. Started out with dot com gloom, Followed by the Towers’ doom.

Bombers over Kabul zoomed. Enron’s bubble went kaboom.

2. Fear and grief were all about. Pres’-dent Bush began to shout

Saddam’s bad with too much clout Get those Dub-ya M D out.

3. Bloated World Com tanked and then Powell lied to the UN

Soon Iraq had no more friends, While Bin Laden ‘scaped again.

4. Bush’s mission was accom- plished, then storms replaced the calm.

Mindless killing without qualms. Violence and crying moms.

5. Terror and Al-Quaeda spread. Bali, London and Madrid.

Tolerance seems almost dead. Is repression quo pro quid?

6. Global warming covered all. The tsunami washed a shore.

Then Katrina drowned the poor But our president was bored.

7. TV shows reality, But we know it’s fantasy.

China lights Olympic flame Sports and steroids: what a game!

8. College costs go thru the roof. Health was "Sicko" Michael spoofed.

Subprime lending. What a goof! Our economy went poof.

9. AIG and bankers moaned So the U. S. made some loans

And GM was thrown a bone. Foreclosees were on their own.

10. When Obama took the lead World wide hope replaced the bleed

And the Nobel he received. We’re all trying to believe.

11. Bernie Madoff ponzi schemed While the Tiger double-teamed

Unemployment’s now the theme Kinda makes you wanna scream.

12. Twenty-ten’s a brand new start Hope for peace and open hearts

Better economic scene Round the globe and here in Queens.

Copyright 2016 Marc Crawford Leavitt. You may use my lyrics despite my copyright if you give me credit.