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Marc Crawford Leavitt, An Equal Opportunity Offender

2001-2002 Lyrics

The Ballad of ENRON  (2001)
To the tune of "SIXTEEN TONS" by Merle Travis
Revised lyrics by Marc Crawford Leavitt

1. It was born one morn-in’ when the sun didn’t shine
   And a brain-storm told ‘em they could cross the line:
   Just rake in cash that’s hard and cold
   And pour red ink down a big, black hole!

Ya’ cheat tons of folks ‘n whad-da-ya get?
To keep all yur prof-its And to shed all yur debt.
St. Peter don-cha call ‘em cause they can’t go.
They have no soul cause their com-pa-ny stole.

2. Now, EN-RON’s fil-ings were as clear as mud
    Staff pen-sion funds were the com-pa-ny’s blood.
    Deal-in deals; no-thin’ did they own;
    And George Bush felt they could do no wrong!


3. No one saw it com-in’, the ac-count-ants were blind,
    Lot’s of folks were snowed and the Con-gress was bribed.
    But the moral of EN-RON clear as a bell
    Is "We’re all too greed-y truth to tell."



To the tune of "Surrey With the Fringe On Top" from "Oklahoma!"
Music by Richard Rodgers
Revised lyrics by Marc Crawford Leavitt


Shi-ites, Kurds and all better bow, or
         I will think they challenge my power.
                  I'll get made and then I will glower
                           And then I'll at-tack.

Don't they know the man who's in charge here?
         My control just grows ever larger.
                  You don't like it? One of my sergeants shoots you
                           In                   the back!

         The Arab nations need a leader who's strong.
         The US needs our oi-il.
         The damn Israelis think that they belong
         In our Holy Land!          Them I will fo-il.
Baghdad lights are winkin' and blinkin'.
         Ain't a finer place I'm a thinkin'.
                  And I run this place like a king and I will never stop,
I'm the one who is in charge and I will stay                on the top!

Copyright 2016 Marc Crawford Leavitt. You may use my lyrics despite my copyright if you give me credit.