Pol Tunes

Marc Crawford Leavitt, An Equal Opportunity Offender

1996-1998 Lyrics

to the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood"
Sung by Charleton Heston, former President of the NRA
Music by Richard A. Whiting
Revised lyrics by Marc Crawford Leavitt
with apologies to Johnny Mercer

It sure sells tickets more than other sins,
And with each massacre and each explosion
the cash just rolls in.
We love the terror and strife...
Tie sex with murder; Don't love her, hurt her!
You know you can't have fun unless you kill your wife.

Hooray for Freedom of Speech!
To hell with caring about what we teach.
Just cause we stars are parents still it's true
that we'll kill or screw anyone to get Oscar wins.
You love the blood and gore
We'll give you more and more!


This parody may be used with credit to lyricist Marc Crawford Leavitt.  www.POLTUNES.com


McNAMARA's WAR (1996)
Sung to the tune of McNamara's Band
Revised lyrics by Marc Crawford Leavitt
Written as commentary on the book "IN RETROSPECT" by
Former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara


Oh, my name is McNamara, I was the leader of the war,
the one we fought in Viet Nam (we'd never lost before);
Cause all our information and decisions just were wrong.
But if we fought with egos we'd 'ave beat the Viet Cong.

1. First, President Kennedy hoped that the enemy
just would go away.
He hired me to run Defense and fight a better way,
So I asked the Chiefs if we could beat the growing Commie horde.
They answered like the "Yes-men" who reported to me at Ford.

2. Well, Viet Nam was run by General Diem and Madame Nhu,
But self-destructing Buddhists and some colonels all said "Pu",
So Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge said he knew what to do:
Just tell the local colonels to kill Diem and stage a coup.

3. Well, President Johnson felt the war was getting very tough.
I told him that advisors by themselves were not enough.
We wanted Congress to approve some troops and other stuff,
And all we needed was some hype about the Tonkin Gulf.

4. The trail of Ho Chi Minh became a very traveled way.
The fighting went from bad to worse with more killed every day.
We pondered whether bombing of the North could save the day.
So, "What the Hell!" we said, "Go ALL THE WAY WITH L-B-J!"

5. Compared to what we did the Persian Gulf was just a prank.
Although we didn't get Saddam, we sure filled up the tank.
And as for me, those fifty-thousand dead I'd like to thank (pause)
For worldly lessons that I used in running the World Bank!

This parody may be used with credit to lyricist Marc Crawford Leavitt.  www.POLTUNES.com


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